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Casual Rider Entry

Fee per Rider: $23

We accept payments through Bank Transfer. To register fill in the online form below and make a transfer to our bank account.

Bank Account: ANZ
Account Name: Nga Maunga Whakahii o Kaipara Ngahere Ltd
Account Number: 01-0137-0093594-02
Reference: KAKE – Initials & Surname

Casual Rider Form

Please read the terms and conditions and submit the form below to apply for casual entry.
  • In the event of an accident or an incident involving me or my horse in the forest I give you permission to contact on my behalf:
  • Additional Riders
  • If you submit this form without proof of payment, processing will be delayed until the payment shows in our account

Terms and Conditions

Riders not following the terms and conditions could have their memberships suspended or cancelled and/or be asked to leave the horse park.

  • All riders must be registered, either as members or casual riders.
  • All riders must wear a riding helmet when riding in the forest.
  • All riders must wear a hi-viz vest when riding in the forest.
  • All members must wear a hi-viz vest with the Kake Hōiho logo on it when riding in the forest.
  • Casual riders are to borrow a hi-viz vest with our logo on it, from the office, when possible.
  • Riders must have a current ID card or receipt with them at all times – you could be asked to leave the forest if you cannot show a current ID card or receipt.
  • Horse riding is only permitted on the marked horse park trails.
  • Riders are required to have a tag on the saddle or bridle with a contact name and number, in the event that the horse gets lost or separated from the rider in the forest.
  • Please notify us immediately of any missing or loose horses in the horse park. Alert Kake Hōiho staff if they are present on site or call the office 09 420 9566, during business hours. Outside of business hours please call First Security 0800 347 787 or forest security 027 535 5770.
  • All riderless horses must be led by and tethered to a mounted rider and be under control at all times.
  • Vehicle access is permitted to the car park within the licenced area only.
  • All vehicles and horse floats entering the car park must have a current WOF and registration.
  • A Vehicle Parking Permit sticker must be clearly displayed on all member vehicles.
  • A processed Casual Rider Form must be displayed on the dashboard of all casual rider vehicles.
  • Lock the main gate and all other gates immediately after use. Unlocked gates provide unauthorised access and are unsafe. Throughout the year parts of the forest are grazed. Please ensure that all grazing gates are kept closed also, to stop cattle wandering on the roads.
  • Horse park keys that have been allocated to members are for the use of the member they have been allocated to exclusively. Members can bring registered casual riders into the park with them but cannot give out their key for another rider to access the park independently of them.
  • Memberships run to the 30th of September annually and all keys must be returned at the end of the membership period.
  • Riders under 16 must be supervised by a registered adult rider.
  • No keys or memberships are issued to riders under 16 (children). However, they can be added to the membership of an adult rider who will be responsible for them.
  • No accompanying pedestrians, riders only.
  • At times the park could be closed due to forest events that may compromise the safety of riders and their horses.
  • Access could be restricted during high fire risk periods or during times of high winds. We endeavour to notify all riders of any changes to access, so please monitor announcements on
  • The forest is a working production forest and has year-round harvesting and other forestry activity. We will endeavour to notify all riders of forestry activities that will impact the use of the horse park. Please adhere to all warning signage, there is no access to areas that have been taped off.
  • Logging trucks and other light and heavy vehicles are using the forest roads and they have right of way – extra care is required when crossing roads within the forest.
  • Kake Hōiho members: You can use your keys to come in through the Coast Rd gates from Muriwai – you must secure the gates behind you. If you are with casual riders, they must be carrying a receipt to show they have paid the casual rider fee. After the ford over Ōkiritoto Stream, you must get off Coast Rd and enter the 5-mile-strip if you wish to continue north. You cannot stay on Coast Rd or enter Woodhill Forest to the east of Coast Rd between the ford and Inland Road (where the new trail to the horse park begins), or from Inland Road to Old Telephone Track where the 5-mile-strip ends.
  • No access to the dune areas north of the 5-mile-strip beyond Old Telephone Track.
  • Dogs are welcome in the forest with you, but they must be under full control at all times and tied up when in the car park.
  • Smoking is prohibited when riding in the forest.
  • Memberships run to the 30th of September annually, riders will then need to re-register for a new membership.
  • All old keys must be returned at the end of the membership period, a new key will not be issued otherwise.
  • Lost keys will incur a replacement cost of $100.
  • Horse gate locks are changed on the 1st of October each year.

Horse riding is a high-risk activity. When you ride in Te Ngahere o Woodhill you do so at your own risk so please keep aware of the hazardous environment. If you identify a hazard, please report it to the office by calling 094209566 or email:

Vehicles left in the forest after hours will be towed at the owner’s expense or a release fee will be charged by First Security 0800 277 697


  • Only use marked trails when crossing the dunes. Help stop erosion and dune movement.
  • This is a smoke free forest. No Smoking anywhere on forest land. Report any fires to 111.
  • Report any suspicious activity.