Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm excluding public holidays

09 420 9566 ext 1

71 Restall Road Waimauku – map


  • The equestrian park and the access gate on Restall Road opens at 6.30 am and closes at 6 pm during the winter season and 8 pm in summer.
  • No access via Coast Road and the Muriwai horse gates before 6.30 am, or after 6 pm during the winter season and 8 pm in summer.
  • No riding during the hours of darkness.
  • Summer hours begin and end with daylight saving.
  • Vehicles left in the forest after hours will be towed at the owner’s expense or a release fee will be charged by security – First Security 0800 277 697


There are commercial beehives in the horse park. If you intend to ride and have an anaphylactic reaction to bee stings, we advise you to bring your EpiPen with you.


Ngā Maunga Whakahii o Kaipara welcome the continued use of designated parts of Woodhill Forest by the equestrian community, through the Kake Hōiho operations. Equestrian access to the forest requires a current membership registration or a casual registration for the day. Registered riders will be provided with an access key and an ID card or receipt, which must be carried at all times when riding in the forest. If you are found in the park/forest without an ID card or receipt, you will be asked to leave and risk being trespassed. Forest Kaitiaki/Wardens are patrolling the park/forest, if you are riding without our company vests you could be approached by them for proof of registration.

If you are interested in hiring the Nursery cabin/campsite, please see the form below for details – you will need to check with reception for availability.

Download Facility Hire Agreement (Nursery Campsite)


A copy of the horse park map is available below. The map shows the tracks that have been cleared and reopened since the storm in April 2018.

Download Kake Hōiho horse park map

The casual rider fee is $23

You can register to ride for the day in the following ways:

  1. Register at the office from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.
  2. Complete a casual rider form online (click on Casual Entry below) and submit it with proof of your payment to our bank account – the confirmation page from your internet banking provider or a screenshot of the transaction.
  3. If you prefer you can download a Casual Rider Form here, complete and sign it then email it with confirmation of payment to 

When you send in a form, we will process it then email it to you with your receipt. If you need a key, you can collect it from the office on your way to the horse park. You must display the processed form (signed by us) on the dashboard of your vehicle and carry the receipt on you while you are riding.

If you are arranging a weekend ride, we need your submission by 4 pm Friday as we are not open on the weekend. We have lock-boxes outside our office building for access to horse park keys outside office hours.

All riders must wear a hi-vis vest while riding in the horse park. When possible, please borrow a vest with our Kake Hōiho logo on it from the office.

The currently available membership is for 12 months and runs from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020. It is $299 for an adult membership and $99 to add a child (16 or under) to the membership.

One of the conditions of membership is that riders wear a hi-vis vest with the Kake Hōiho logo printed on it when in the horse park. We sell the vests at the office for $26 or you can take your own hi-vis to Brand-It Plus in Huapai. Brand-It will print the Kake Hōiho logo onto your vest for $15, if you show them your ID card or receipt as proof of membership.

Other memberships that become available through the membership year (1 October – 30 September) are as follows:

  • 9-month from 1 January $240 and $80 to add a child
  • 6-month from 1 April $170 and $65 to add a child
  • 3-month from 1 July $105 and $60 to add a child

You can register for membership in the following ways:

  • At the office – 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday or
  • By submitting a membership registration form online:
    1. Click on the MEMBERSHIP horse icon below
    2. Complete the online form and then submit it with your photograph, the photographs of added children if applicable, and proof of your payment (the confirmation page from your internet banking provider or a screenshot of the transaction).
  • Or you can download a form here, complete and sign it, then email it to with proof of payment and your photograph(s).

Please note that we do not post forest keys. They must be collected from the Restall Road office, 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, or by prior arrangement for a weekend collection from one of our lock-boxes (conditions apply).  Contact the office for further information – 09 420 9566 ext. 1 or

All keys must be returned at the end of the membership period – please see TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

A new key will not be issued to returning members unless the old key is returned or the lost-key fee of $100 is paid.

Riders 16 or under must be supervised by a registered adult rider for the duration of their ride. This applies to members and to casual riders. Keys will not be issued to riders 16 years or under.

The horse park is for registered riders only, no accompanying pedestrians or cyclists.

Riders not following the terms and conditions could have their memberships suspended or cancelled and/or be asked to leave the horse park

  • All riders must be registered (form completed, payment made) either as members or as casual riders.
  • All riders must wear a riding helmet and a hi-vis vest when riding in the forest.
  • All riders must carry on them a current ID card or receipt – you could be asked to leave the forest if you cannot show a current ID card or receipt upon request.
  • All members must wear a hi-vis vest with the Kake Hōiho logo on it when riding in the forest.
  • Casual riders are to borrow a hi-vis vest with our logo on it from the office, when possible.
  • Horse riding is only permitted on the marked horse park trails.
  • Riders are required to have a tag on their saddle or bridle with a contact name and number, in the event that the horse gets lost or separated from the rider.
  • All riderless horses must be led by and tethered to a mounted rider and be under control at all times.
  • You must notify us immediately of any missing or loose horses in the horse park. Alert Kake Hōiho staff if they are present on site or call the office (09 420 9566 ext.1) during business hours. Outside of business hours call First Security 0800 347 787 or forest security 027 535 5770.
  • Vehicle access is permitted to the car park within the licenced area only.
  • All vehicles and horse floats entering the car park must have a current WOF and registration.
  • A Vehicle Parking Permit sticker must be clearly displayed on all member vehicles.
  • A processed casual entry form must be displayed on the dashboard of all casual rider vehicles.
  • Horse park keys that have been allocated to members are for the use of the member they have been allocated to exclusively. Members can bring registered (payment is part of registration) casual riders into the park with them but cannot give out their key for another rider to access the park independently of them.
  • Registrations run to the 30th of September annually and all keys must be returned at the end of the membership period. 
  • Riders 16 years and under must be supervised by a registered adult rider.
  • No keys or memberships are issued to riders 16 and under (children). Children can be added to the membership of an adult rider, who is then responsible for them.
  • No accompanying pedestrians, riders only.
  • Te Ngahere o Woodhill is an operational production forest and has year-round harvesting and forestry activity. We will endeavour to notify riders of forestry activities that will impact the use of the horse park. Please adhere to all warning signage and note that there is no access to areas that have been taped off.
  • Logging trucks and other vehicles use the forest roads and they have right of way – extra care is required when crossing roads within the forest.
  • You can cross forest roads, but you cannot ride along them.
  • At times the park could be closed due to forest events that may compromise the safety of riders and their horses. Access to trails outside main Kake Hōiho park (e.g. trails connecting the park and Coast Rd) may be restricted when other activities are taking place within the forest (e.g. motocross events).
  • Access could be restricted during high fire risk periods or when winds exceed 65 kph. We endeavour to notify all riders of any changes to access, so please monitor announcements on
  • ALL GATES ARE TO BE KEPT LOCKED AT ALL TIMES – UNLOCKED GATES LEAVE THE FOREST OPEN TO UNAUTHORISED ACCESS. Throughout the year parts of the forest are grazed. Please ensure all grazing gates are kept closed to stop cattle wandering on the roads.
  • Kake Hōiho members: You can use your keys to come in through the horse gates at Muriwai – you must lock the gates behind you. If you are with registerd casual riders, they must be carrying a receipt to show that they have paid the casual rider fee.
  • No entry through the horse gates or via Coast Road before 6.30 am, or after 6 pm during the winter season and 8 pm during the summer season.
  • No access to the dune areas north of the 5-mile-strip beyond Old Telephone Track.
  • Dogs are welcome in the forest with you, BUT they must be under full control at all times and tied up when they in the car park.
  • Smoking is prohibited when riding in the forest. 
  • Registrations run to the 30th of September annually and all keys must be returned at the end of the membership period. Riders will need to re-register and purchase a new key to continue membership and access to the horse park.
  • New keys will not be issued to returning members until either their old key is returned, or the lost key fee is paid.
  • Horse gate locks are changed on the 1st of October each year.

Horse riding is a high-risk activity. When you ride in Te Ngahere o Woodhill you do so at your own risk, so stay alert to the hazards of the environment. If you identify a hazard, please report it immediately to the Kake Hōiho staff if they are present on site, call the office (09 420 9566 ext.1 – 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday) or email your concerns to Please provide as much detail as possible to allow prompt removal/management of the hazard.

In the event of an emergency dial 111.

Vehicles left in the forest after hours will either be towed at the owner’s expense or incur the release fee charged by First Security:

0800 277 697

If you come across hazards while you are riding please notify us at, via messenger, or by phoning 09 420 9566 ext. 1 during office hours, with a description of where you encountered the hazard (the name of the track, type of hazard, photo if possible).

Te Ngahere o Woodhill Kake Hōiho horse park reopened to all riders on Monday 23 April 2018 after sustaining significant storm damage, the map below shows the trails that have been cleared for riding and those that are closed.

RIDERS – You can cross forest roads but you cannot ride along them. Please remember that Woodhill Forest is an operational forest. Riding in close proximity to harvesting areas compromises not only the safety of the rider but also that of the operators. If you are found riding in a harvesting area you could be asked to leave the forest and have your membership revoked.


There are commercial beehives in the horse park. If you intend to ride and have an anaphylactic reaction to bee stings, we advise you to bring your EpiPen with you.

  • All dogs must be near their owners and under control when they are in the horse park and tied up when in the car park.
  • Please keep dogs out of the water troughs.
  • All riderless horses must be led by a mounted rider and also under control at all times.
  • Riders must wear a hi-viz vest at all times when in the forest.
  • Lock the gate behind you as you enter or exit the horse park. If you are waiting for other people to arrive please wait for them at the gate rather than leaving the gate open for them.
  • Please slow down and exercise common courtesy when passing other riders on the trails.
  • You can cross forest roads but you cannot ride along them.
  • No accessing the park/forest, either from Restall Road or Muriwai, before 6.30 am or after 6 pm in winter and 8 pm in summer.
  • No entry during the hours of darkness.


Our recent clarification of the ways to access the Horse Park from Muriwai has generated lots of commentary on our Facebook page and other social media forums.

Although this topic has been addressed before via our website, Facebook, newspapers, pamphlets and in public forums, we’ll present some key information again now.

In 2013 Ngā Maunga Whakahii o Kaipara (NMWoK, the ‘corporate’ entity representing Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara) purchased the land under Woodhill Forest from the Crown as part of our Treaty of Waitangi settlement. The land then became privately owned. The primary reason for purchasing the land was a commercial investment to fund the hapū’s social, educational, cultural and health programmes.

As private land, there is no obligation on NMWoK to provide access to the public – just as there is no public right to roam on the private land any of us own, our homes.

Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara has for centuries now welcomed new people into our region – even when for periods of time we became marginalised and dispossessed. We understand and value the development of a strong community and will play our part. The various activities we run or licence within Woodhill (e.g. Bike Park, Tree Adventures, off-roading / dirt biking, paintball) give opportunities to the public to enjoy the forest – whilst contributing to the commercial return we expected when we decided to purchase it. However unquestionably the most significant activity in the forest is forestry, which we both licence and now, increasingly, participate in as a joint venture partner. Forestry is a high-risk industry and the forest is a workplace. Other mobile businesses such as firewood collection also use the forest. One-off events are increasingly common. There is even a live-firing weapons range at the northern end of the forest and military exercises at times outside of that area. We have strict obligations on us as the landowner, landlord and now forestry company to keep this workplace, and all within it, safe as required under legislation. The new health and safety legislation that came into force this year (2016) is much tighter than the old and sets out massive penalties for our senior staff and board members should an incident occur and our processes be found lacking. This encourages caution. We know other organisations with similar responsibilities to us are grappling with how to manage their obligations in a sensible way. You may well see a range of responses but no-one wants to be the test case for a prosecution under the new legislation. Our tenant businesses are as conscious as we are of their organisational risks operating in the forest. We need to take their concerns into account in how we manage the forest.

So, for now, having taken legal advice, discussed these matters in depth with our tenants and business partners, and considering our own appetite for risk (especially those in positions of authority for us who would face fines into the millions should we be convicted of a failing under health and safety legislation), our cautious position is that the public may only access Woodhill Forest by permit, or in one of the licenced activity areas. For horse-riders, this means the exclusive horse park area, the boundary of which is described as the ‘perimeter trail’ on your maps. As registered riders, we know we have your details should we need to contact you. We know you have been informed of the dangers in the forest and made aware of where to find information on changing situations in the forest (e.g. areas that are out of bounds because of harvesting activity). We know the area within which you will be found (and importantly where you should not be, therefore where we could then permit other activity). The same can be said of all the other licensed activities we sanction in the forest. This knowledge and ability to exert control and keep things safe are absent when we don’t know who is in the forest, doing what and where. Managing this mosaic of use takes a lot of staff time and attention – and so there is a cost to this. There is also a limit to the complexity of use that we believe we can actually keep track of across all 12 500 hectares of the forest and keep everyone within safe to a reasonable standard. Only we out of all the businesses/groups/individuals that access and use the forest can appreciate and need to know, everything that is happening in it every day. Thus, we reserve the right to only permit what we believe we can safely manage. We will continue to make use of tools like media, signage, pamphlets, our kaitiaki educators, and trespass to discharge our responsibilities and preserve our own rights.

Constructive feedback is welcome but we will continue to take a precautionary approach that allows us to feel we are discharging our duty of care to ourselves and our workers, our tenants and business partners, and our customers. Over time we will make changes to the forest regime as experience, understanding and the mosaic of activities change. Some of these may be less restrictive, some may prove to need to be more restrictive.

We came to help with the working bee in the Five Mile Strip, knowing that we are encouraging people to use that as a way to reach the Horse Park from Muriwai. It was good to confirm on the ground that it can be used by riders. We are also working with Council in other ways to encourage the improvement of this area for use by horse-riders.

Going into the new horse-riding season this spring, we are intending to allow the use by registered horse riders of some trails between the exclusive horse park (southern boundary Wightman Way) and Muriwai. This is reliant on us getting those trails up to spec by then and getting in place a system of which riders can effectively be warned if these need to be closed from time to time (e.g. for harvesting or other events that may be taking place). The intention is that generally only horse-riders will be using those trails, but the area may still be offered up for use for another activity / event from time to time – in which case other access may need to be restricted.

Eke Hōiho will change its name at that time to ‘Kake Hōiho’ (pronounced ‘Kar-keh Hoy-hoar’) to better reflect the Kaipara dialect.

It would be easy (and tempting) to discuss and debate public access in the forest forever, but we are loathed to endlessly revisit this. Now and again we will respond if there is something new to be added or clarified but generally, we hope and trust that people will respect us as a private landowner and business. We know we won’t meet the wants of all the wider public who would like to have unfettered access to the forest, but this posting sets out again why we are acting as we are. We will take note of reasonable suggestions but will generally consider these in our own way and time as we manage the large, complex beast that is Woodhill Forest.

Happy riding.

Summer hours begin and end with daylight saving

Public access easement to the Waionui Inlet (lagoon)

  • This easement is normally open during daylight hours, unless the bombing range is active or there are forestry operations in the area. If in doubt, please check the notices section on this web-page, the Woodhill Forest information line 09 420 9566 ext 0 or contact NZDF Whenuapai on 09 417 7000.

Public access easement to Muriwai Beach via Rimmer Road 

  • This easement is normally open during the hours of daylight.
  • If you are locked in please contact forest security on 0275355770.
  • The unloading of unregistered or unwarranted motorbikes, ATV or other off-road vehicles from the Rimmer Road carpark, to access the beach, is not permitted at any time.
  • Please contact the Auckland Council and apply for a permit if you want to take your vehicle onto the beach.

Please note the Rimmer Road horse gate is locked.

The Restall Road gate to access the horse park

  • This gate is normally open from 6.30 am and closed at 6 pm during the winter season and 8 pm in summer.

Horse riding is only permitted within the horse park boundaries.

Vehicles left in the forest after hours will be towed at the owner’s expense or a release fee will be charged by forest security.

Security Contact Details:

  • First Security –  0800 277 697 (Restall Road gate)
  • Black Hawk Security – 027 535 5770 (Rimmer Road gate)


  • 09 420 9566 ext 0

Hancock Forest Management New Zealand 09 470 1300 or 09 283 9019 after hours
If you witness any suspicious activity in the forest or on the beach, please phone the Crimestoppers line on 0800-555-111 or report the incident on 09-839-0600